Cabinet Art & Design


Working With Builders, Designers, Homeowners, & Cabinet Shops to Create Beautiful Spaces

Home Owners

We love helping homeowners design their dream spaces! Whether you are doing a remodel or brand new project, getting an accurate design from professionals will help you envision your new space.

We take the guesswork out of design, creating a stress-free experience for our clients. 

  • Facilitates thought concerning your new space
  • Enables you to visualize your renovation before it happens

Designers & Builders

As a builder, there are deadlines to meet and customer satisfaction to provide. Making sure all the details are in place can be challenging.

This is where Cabinet Art and Design comes in! Send us your sketches/ blueprints and we’ll start a design for your customer to begin envisioning their new space.

  • Helps the customer’s to begin thinking over their new space
  • Helps the customer visualize a renovation before it happens
  • Allows you to get a more accurate quote from your cabinet manufacturer

Cabinet Shops

We team with cabinet shops to create designs for the customer to get them thinking about how the new space will look. Send us your sketches/ blueprints and we’ll create a design!

  • Helps the customer visualize the new space
  • Saves you time in the office and allows you to focus on manufacturing
  • Option to measure and discuss design with your customers by way of a site visit or internet conferencing  
  • Offers a second set of eyes over the design concerning custom appliance applications

Our drawings create clarity for your employees.

  • Concise measurements and perspective drawings
  • Cut listing
  • CNC readiness  

On-line Services

We can discuss the design by use of web-conferencing tools.  By utilizing screen-sharing, we have helped many clients save time by offering our expertise in real-time while adjusting the drawings. 

It’s easy and convenient! 

Onsite Visits and Design

 Some projects are too complicated or large to convey information properly. We understand. 

We offer consultation, site measurements, and onsite design by coming to your location.

In addition to servicing our local area, we will travel 5 hours one-way and/ or a 150-mile radius from East Earl, PA. (Some exclusions apply.)